UPDATE: Our presenter list has been finalised.

To those who have applied to present at our summit - please check your inboxes for a reply.

Important Dates for Presenters

  • Submission of Proposal for Presenters Friday, 10 September, 2021

  • Notification of Proposal Outcome Monday, 27 September, 2021

  • Pre-session Materials to be Published Friday, 14 January, 2022

  • Tech Summit@SST Lab School 2022 Friday, 21 January, 2022


Must presenters be an educator registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore?

Absolutely not! We recognise the strengths and attributes brought to the table by industry experts and educators from international schools. As long as you have something creative to share to improve teaching and learning, we will be glad to hear from you.

Where do I submit my proposal for presentation?

You can do so by accessing the Call for Presenters form.

Which level should I indicate for my presentation?

Explorer sessions are slower and have a narrow focus. They focus on the fundamentals for getting started with digital tools, where educators can pick up simple ideas in a comfortable environment.

Adopter sessions go beyond the basics and focus on the application of tools. There may be occasions where more than 1 tool is introduced for cross-platform comparisons of features. Most or all of the features of the digital tools are usually explored here.

Innovator sessions are for those with previous experience and looking to push the limits of what is possible. These sessions are usually fast-paced. Participants may optimise their productivity using additional technical expertise e.g. writing scripts etc.

How do I create the Presentation Resource Page?

Presenters will be required to submit ONE link to a public website or Google Doc with ALL your session resources. If you are submitting multiple sessions, create a “landing page” with all your links. Here is an example of a Doc version. Feel free to make a copy of the Doc and modify it. If you do not have an existing resource page, we recommend linking to a public Google Doc now that you can go back to closer to the event and populate with resources and links to your required apps.

Does a speaker need to register and pay for the Summit?

All speakers receive complimentary registration to the Summit. Each selected session comes with only one complimentary ticket, regardless of the number of co-speaker(s).

When are sessions confirmed and schedules published?

We will publish the schedule for SST Summit approximately 20 days before the event. You will receive an email with all the event details and directions on how to confirm your sessions.

What if I am posted to another institution in 2022?

If you are assigned to another institution due to open / closed posting, please update us in 2022 before the commencement of the summit, so that we can email your certificates to your updated workplace.

Event day

Is there a technical dry run?

On the actual day, you may come to SST few hours earlier to setup and test your equipment. Our support staff will be on campus to assist you if you have any technical difficulties.

Can I have a Co-Presenter?

Yes, you may include the name of your co-presenter in the Call for Presenter Form but do take note that only the main presenter will receive complimentary registration.

How long is each session?

Each session is 30 minutes in length, including 10 minutes for Q&A and feedback.

Facilitators for each session will ensure that your segment ends punctually, so that participants can rejoin the main room for the Demo Slam session.

Can I use videos that are not my own in keynotes or sessions?

Please use video content licensed with the appropriate Creative Commons licenses.

What is a Demo Slam?

The Demo Slam is a high energy, 3-minute pre-recorded segment where speakers share some of their favourite techie tips and tricks. At then end of the SLAM you will get to vote for your favourite. Come for the SLAM and stay for the prizes!

Please make sure your Demo Slams have a clear educational purpose. Be sure you at least establish the context or explain the value of what you’re sharing at the beginning or end of your slam, even if it’s only 20 seconds. But make it clear.


How do I get my Session Feedback?

Make sure you allow time and remind session attendees to fill out the session evaluation form. We will follow up with you after the event within a week or two with your feedback.