Online Showcase [Exhibitors]

Ever wondered what new technologies are out there on the market?

Whether what you're using now will sufficiently engage your learners? Or if there is something new that might bridge your learning gaps and revamp learning?

Ride the wave of emerging digital trends - you never know if this is what it takes to make learning better!

Bamboo System Technology: Build the personalized learning path for every student

By making the latest technology readily accessible to every teacher and learner, how might we help schools and universities build an integrated and easily scalable learning ecosystem? How might we create innovative, engaging and personalized learning services to enable the instructors and learners to learn, teach and collaborate effectively?

Find out more about the online instructional management system, collaborative learning applications, inbuilt tools, mobile apps, and other related learning services in this session.

Clanbeat: On a mission to provide safe and social digital spaces that nurture growth, connection and well-being


We’ll help your students build positive learning habits with our regular reflection nudges, work planner and goal setting features.

Meanwhile, actionable insights and data on students’ mood and well-being are collected from student engagement with the app and delivered directly to you. Any potential issues can be identified and tackled before they arise; supporting your students and saving your time!

What’s more Clanbeat gives your class the space to safely connect, share and foster stronger friendships.

EduSpark: Transform Professional Learning in your Institution

In a world that changes dramatically, educators need access to high quality learning at a low price, rich in transformative power, led by the leading authorities in education from all over the world.

How might we harness this power in your institution or as an individual learner?

Stay ahead of the rest, be more employable, a greater leader, and thrive in the constantly evolving world we find ourselves in.